Visiting Professor at Royal CVollage of Art, London
Bergen National Academy of the Arts (KHiB)
Bergen National Academy of the Arts (KHiB) is one of the two independent institutions of higher learning in the visual arts and design in Norway.

Bergen National Academy of the Arts is a central arena for education and development in the fields of art and design. The institution shall cultivate new expressions in art and design, promote a high degree of competence in selected fields and contribute to innovation and professional development.

Art and design are essential for the formation of tomorrow`s society. KHiB shall be active in formulating premises for community development.
Parsons School of Design NY
Parsons focuses on creating engaged citizens and outstanding artists, designers, scholars and business leaders through a design-based professional and liberal education.

Parsons students learn to rise to the challenges of living, working and creative decision making in a world where human experience is increasingly designed. The school embraces curricular innovation, pioneering uses of technology, collaborative methods and global perspectives on the future of design.