Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design Jerusalem, Israel
In 1903, the Jewish Zionist Congress decides upon the foundation of "Bezalel - The School of Handicrafts" in Jerusalem.

Ever since its opening in 1906, Bezalel has been the most prominent academy of Fine Arts, Design and Architecture in Israel.

The essence of its impressive achievements lies not only with its history that is spread throughout the landscapes of Israel, or with the means it makes available to its students and teachers, but rather with the spirit of those who populate the academy.

The aspect that characterizes the academy is the human one, which is woven by the emotions of the people.

The aspects outnumber the people, as each and every one of the artists, designers, students and employees in the academy is teeming with an individual and exclusive credo, and struggles for his/ her place in the creation of the illusion and in its realization.

The broadness of perspective, the images of thought or the abundance of expression methods, make each and every one of the artists in the academy unique.

And possibly, more than everything else, it is the desire to dream the memories of others.
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