Marek Cecula - pomiedzy sztuka a dizajnem
Marek Cecula - between art and design
2+3D 2008, by Barbara Banas
Where do you end and I begin?
American Ceramics 2002
Marek Cecula`s exhibition entitled Interface at Garth Clark references the perfect, seamless union of two people enmeshed to the point where individual identity, if, just momentarily, is dissolved.
Marek Cecula at Garth Clark - New York, New York
Review of Exhibitions - Brief Article
Art in America, Dec, 1997 by David Ebony
In recent years, ceramist Marek Cecula has moved away from functional designs to concentrate on conceptualist sculpture. His previous New York solo show featured a series of stainless-steel serving trays on which were arranged one or more small white porcelain objects in sleek, organic shapes.
The Interstitial: The Dishes Are on the Floor (And Up the Wall)
NY Arts. November 2002
John Perreault

They depict
a fine oriental rug,
but it is a magic carpet
you cannot step on.

According to some critics, craft has been assimilated by fine art, yet aside from a few reviews in the New York Times, I haven't noticed that the battle had been won. I have not avoided writing about craft in these pages because I thought the struggle was over, but because itís time for me personally to move on to other issues.