FRAGMENTATION • mandala • last supper • lamentations • islam
BWA Gallery in Wroclaw, Poland, 2008
The “Fragmentation” project consist of 4 groups of small installations, work shows interpretation of four monotheist religions through fragments, shards and elements of industrial porcelain.

The installations is based on the instability and fragmentation of the materials those become a language for multi-level interpretation of fundamental ideas and symbols of Buddhism, Christianity, Judaism and Islam.

Shards of porcelain plates (the material which constructs the majority of the work) coming from initially perfect and complete objects, rejected and damped by the industry quality selection becomes row material for this project.
It becomes a symbolic and creative substance of recycling , which form new vision, meanings and matter of the faith.

The project does not come, as a religious message and dose not try to create or replace any liturgical forms or objects. However trough the synthesis and interpretation of the elements exhausted in their meanings it introduce new image/representations of the known symbols, practices and manifestations present in the four main world religions.

• art project 79
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• fragmentation
• scatology
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• look into my mind
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