Garth Clark Gallery NY
The act of looking into the artistís mind, is in this work a physical invitation designed for the viewer. The viewer must make a decision to either follow his curiosity and pip into the designated opening,
or to ignore it.

The main content of this work is hidden in its interior. In the cavity of the form there are images (visible in dim light penetrating through translucent porcelain) representing the personal life of the artist within a private and mysterious atmosphere.

They are biographical and the content might be banal for the stranger. Nevertheless, the stories of the artistís private life are in public domain now, and serve as the only diversity between these five forms, indicating the many multifaceted representations of the artist life.

Marek Cecula
• art project 79
• klepisko
• fragmentation
• scatology
• hygiene
• erotic
• violations
• interface
• look into my mind
• porcelain carpet
• the stand
• in dust real
• beauty of imperfection