Garth Clark Gallery NY.
Museum of Art and Design, NY

A surface forming the common boundary of two bodies or two spaces. The boundary between phases
in a heterogeneous system.

Interface is a body of work created in four phases during 2001.

Containing four sections, each represents different point of views concerning the artistís creative exploration of the internal volumes for the ceramic forms.

The internal volumes (even if they appear as empty spaces) serve here as an active and dynamic component in the formation of the overall concept and the usage of the ceramic material as a boundary of the idea.

The activation of internal space (volume) becomes the central theme, which demands investigation on the part of the viewer. The viewer here is enticed to participate in this experience through interaction with the empty space of the ceramic forms. The interiors of the forms are prime, rich, luminous and seductive. They draw a viewer into the cavities, stimulating the formation of meaning in the work and alert his perception to the relationship of the inside and outside of the form. The general strategy of this group of work is to appear as utilitarian devices or objects rather than typical sculptures.

The type of utility or function is determinated by external shape of ceramic shell, which represents an interior memory of the implied body part.The interiors of these forms defined by the cavity are perfect imprints or molds of human contact and feeling.

The forms are permanent pairs. The physical bond between inside and the outside of the form is design for two users to participate in this contact simultaneously.

This improvisation on the subject of the human contact provides analogy for interdependency in our modern coexistence and on the vital role of the need for human contact.

The conditions of the world we create form us into homogeneous masses, diminishing individual differences. We are unified in our destiny as pairs, families and ethnic groups. We are bound together in a socio-political body, which must carry collective responsibilities as well as individual obligations.

"Interface" provides a contrasting vision between the external and internal character of being. The meaning of these contacts and their suggested tactility become open material for further individual interpretation.

Marek Cecula 2002
• art project 79
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• fragmentation
• scatology
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• interface
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