It was a porcelain dinner plate, produced under the German National Socialist regime. The plate followed the Nazi conquest serving utilitarian duties.

The war left him broken on the shore of the Baltic Sea.
Found 40 years later by ceramic artist visiting his homeland.
The plate was re-imagined and reconstructed in New York City for the exhibit ion titled VIOLATIONS

The attention in this work is not on the esthetics or the form but on physical evidence of the ceramic shard that becomes a document representing its own history. Carrying forward in time the marks of makers and the marks of users as the dark memory of their cultural, social and political standards.

This ceramic piece provides a viewpoint that Nazism was not merely overt violence but a voracious totality, which required its conquest of the domestic sphere and the innocent forms of daily life.

Marek Cecula NY 1998
SHARD 1998
plaster, authentic ceramic shard, wood & glass

dim. 14 x 14 x 2.5"
36 x 36 x 6 cm