Garth Clark Gallery, NY. USA
The 3rd World Ceramic Biennale 2005 Korea
Erotic I and Erotic II are two independent units, thay belong to larger group of work, exploring eroticism and sensuality that could be evoked through porcelain.

Clay is tactile material, its processes contain strong erotic charge and it is a source for many sensual interpretations. In this work, the relation to the human body and to body parts is revealed through abstracted, reductive formulation, process that blends organic and geometric forms into condition, which directs and stimulate viewers mind.

Utilization of high glossy glaze with purity of white porcelain and soft curves versus sharp ages, provoke tactile desire to touch the objects and more.

Marek Cecula
• art project 79
• klepisko
• fragmentation
• scatology
• hygiene
• erotic
• violations
• interface
• look into my mind
• porcelain carpet
• the stand
• in dust real
• beauty of imperfection