Beauty of Imperfection is a third and last group of work in the cycle of industrial interferences projects, which begin in 2003. Projects ware executed in 3 separate stages where in each stage I used different element of nature to disturb, deconstruct and defunctionalize the classic industrial porcelain. Air, Fire, and Water was used separately in each group as a creative force making radical impact on the form, itís designation and the meanings.

Mass production creates uniformity of their products and provides a condition for standardized esthetics based on modern technologies of production.
In reaction to this fact I chose to reverse the conventional process of creating ceramic object; ready-made industrial china was subjected to the individual destructive process, which was design to inject randomness into standardized production.
This time the industrial porcelain green ware (unfired clay objects) was manipulated by water causing disintegration of the material and removing the utilitarian condition assigned to this object by manufacture standards.
In this transformation, mass-produced porcelain objects became one of kind originals, challenging notions of beauty and functionality and repositioning the values of mass product crossing over to the art territory.

Marek Cecula 2007

• art project 79
• klepisko
• fragmentation
• scatology
• hygiene
• erotic
• violations
• interface
• look into my mind
• porcelain carpet
• the stand
• in dust real
• beauty of imperfection