The project In dust real is a creative collision between Art, Craft and Design aiming to inject randomness into the standard manufacture production.

Selected forms from various porcelain manufactures were “burned again” in high temperature in traditional anagama wood fire kilns to achieve totally opposite condition from conventional industrial standards.
Destruction of classic pose and twist in appearance, breaks down established values and standards of a mass-product, as we know it, long hours of wood fire leaves marks of ash and fire on the industrial forms, transforming the classic porcelain into new original artwork. The strategy was to remove my self as a physical manipulator of the objects and use only the critical ceramic process-THE FIRE as an element of creative and destructive force,
In this work, the imperfections and deformation are intentional values, bringing the formal esthetic content under the scrutiny.
This work is a continuation of my process to provoke and undermine our established esthetic values. To open a process that affects the condition in which we formulating our perceptions on beauty of domestic ceramic object.

Marek Cecula NY. 2004

• art project 79
• klepisko
• fragmentation
• scatology
• hygiene
• erotic
• violations
• interface
• look into my mind
• porcelain carpet
• the stand
• in dust real
• beauty of imperfection