Klepisko is a Polish word for dirt or clay floor in the primitive country dwelling.

The clay floor title “Klepisko” is an art-installation and physical deception space, which offers nothing to see in conventional way we usually, observes art.
The installation is an interactive work based on public participation.
The visitor has to enter and walk on the clay surface floor to experience and fully realize this installation.
The floor is dense and solid but has occasional deep cracks about 20 inches wide, which show the thickness and layers of the floor underneath the walking surface.
Visitor sees in the floor composite accumulations of various clay artifacts, trophies, ornaments and instruments, he recognizes that the content of the floor on which he standing is consist of row clay symbols a heritage of the western civilization, forming the landfill of our culture.

In the act of walking on the floor viewer contributes to further erosion of this installation by gradual wearing away clays physical surface and the embedded elements.
The breakdown and destruction of the symbols serves here as a warning, alerting viewers personal feeling about condition of our culture

Klepisko is the “Archeology of the Future” and provide paradoxical time frame in which the NOW is already the eroding PAST.

Marek Cecula 2008

• art project 79
• klepisko
• fragmentation
• scatology
• hygiene
• erotic
• violations
• interface
• look into my mind
• porcelain carpet
• the stand
• in dust real
• beauty of imperfection